Meal Planning with MindNode & Muse

April 7, 2024
2 min

Since I began strength training in May of this year, I have been struggling to meet my daily protein goals. Before, I had no idea that I was eating so little protein on a daily basis. Looking back, I was eating minimal amounts of protein, in the range of 20-30g/day, and on some days it would be less.

Training on days that I didn’t meet my protein requirements was markedly more difficult. I knew that I needed to start planning my meals so that I could increase my daily protein intake.

Recently in my digital workspace, I’ve been craving more visual layouts. I found myself going to mind-mapping and canvas-like whiteboard applications to brainstorm and work through my thoughts.

On Sunday, I began my quest for high protein meals, particularly breakfast and lunch. I scoured YouTube videos and blogs to come up with a short list of meals which I added to my existing list in MindNode.

This is largely a work in progress but I was able to find some high protein recipes to try from Felu and Ethan Chlebowski.

Meal lists in MindNode

Next, I used Muse to do a quick meal plan using plain text blocks for the headings and note cards for the meals. Since I’m only focusing on increasing my protein intake right now, the amount that I have in grams for each meal is the amount of protein for that meal.

Meal plan in Muse

I like that Muse is minimal and simple to use. There’s no text formatting which means that I don’t get carried away with customising the look of things. I just focused on getting the meals onto the page.

That’s the plan for the week, fingers crossed I can continue to get more protein in gradually, increasing the goal upwards of 80g/day.

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