Choosing This Door

Choosing This Door

Two months ago, I thought it would be fun to start a newsletter.

I have always had a lot of interests. There’s just so much that I’m curious about and these curiosities tend to be temporal; waxing, and waning. In January, I finally decided to start writing consistently. I was pumped to get started writing my newsletter. I thought to myself:

You’re gonna be so badass Renee, look at you with a newsletter! Girrlll! You have news!

And then, nothing.

I believe at this time, my attention was focused mainly on Notion. I was captivated and just wanted to keep creating templates. However, I was also spending a lot of that time procrastinating, using my energy to consume content instead of creating. And so, once again, my attention was siphoned away by another creative interest — all excitement for my newsletter or blog, or anything related to writing, was long gone.

Why I’m starting this writing habit
Let’s be real — I don’t have news. I’m a 26-year-old who’s trying to figure out how to make sense of all that encompasses life:

  • What to make of this earthly existence — purpose or lack thereof
  • How to balance career anxiety and uncertainty with creative expression
  • Why am I addicted to sushi and sugar and not whole grain rice?

Here’s what I do know:

  • I enjoy expressing myself through writing
  • I enjoy reading other people’s writing especially more personal and lifestyle blogs
  • Writing helps me to process all of my contemplations and thoughts
  • I need to have some form of creative expression (more on this in future blog posts; note: this is more of a mental reminder for me than it is for you 😅)

Today, I looked at the newsletters that I’m currently subscribed to and wondered,

Man, I wish there was a newsletter that dove whole-heartedly into all of my interests. From minimalism and self-development to Notion templates and organization. Oh man, how exciting would it be if there were also personal musings on the daily ups and downs of life? Atheism and non-duality too! Why doesn’t that exist yet? Where can I search for that newsletter next?

This newsletter/blog/writing venture is my answer to those questions. No more fear manifesting as procrastination, perfectionism, and shoddy excuses.