How I structure my week after leaving full-time employment

How I structure my week after leaving full-time employment

After leaving my full-time job mid last month, the first thing that became glaringly apparent was the sheer abundance of time that I now have. Previously, the majority of my time was accounted for by working at the hospital. I always had personal and creative projects that needed my attention but never before did I actually have the time to work on them fully.

For the first two weeks, I pretty much fell into spending large chunks of time binge watching Top Chef and tunneling down numerous YouTube rabbit holes. Then, after a conversation with my business coach, I realised that I needed to begin structuring my week. She gave me a plan for that week and I’ve been playing around with it since.

My major time chunks are dedicated to the following:

Right now, my main focus is on building my digital operations business. I’m still in the foundational phase of setting everything up and doing all of the deep work that comes with starting a business so I don’t have many clients at the moment (that’s why I only have 1 client work day).

Personal Projects
I have 2 personal projects that I want to devote some of my time to:

  1. Effloraissance: a community for creative explorers, everyday philosophers and passionate makers
  2. Ambrosia: a restaurant review newsletter

Fitness Training
Lastly, I go to the gym 3 times a week and exercise along a hiking trail twice-three times weekly.

Here’s the current layout:

AM – Coaching
PM – Content creation

AM & PM – Content creation
PM – Gym

AM & PM – Client work

AM & PM – Skill development
PM – Gym

AM & PM – Business admin & development
PM – Trail

AM & PM – Off day
AM – Trail

AM & PM – Reflection & Planning
AM – Gym

Of course, this will change over time but for now it works and I’m happy with it.