On feeling stuck – again.

On feeling stuck – again.

I’ve felt this way for some time now. I’ve always had so many ideas and my mind has always claimed that I don’t have enough time. Yet, the evidence of my life thus far shows that I’ve had ample time. I just don’t know what I’m waiting on. It’s a repeating cycle. I start off great at the start of the year or month with a plan and then things (work) use up my energy stores and to cope I binge watch shows on Netflix or spend my time scrolling through Instagram and YouTube. Then inspiration comes knocking again or I see someone else going after the things that I want to do and the cycle repeats itself.

Consistency is my biggest obstacle. Is it that I have too much on my plate to manage? Maybe I need to assess the importance of everything that’s on the plate in the first place.

What I do know is that if my daily actions continue at it’s current trajectory, I won’t achieve anything. And what’s the point of this existence if not to pursue my curiosities?

Assessing where I am currently

Prior to one week ago, I was exercising consistently by walking/running outdoors. That isn’t happening anymore due to Trinidad’s current state of emergency and COVID-19 restrictions which have resulted in a ban on outdoor exercise. In short, I need to exercise at home. Preferably in the morning right after waking up so that I don’t allow myself any time for excuses and feelings to creep in.

A typical day in my life as of Thur 20/5/21:

  • Wake up
  • Prepare breakfast
  • Work
  • Decompress from working by: re-watching Modern Family or RPDR on Netflix and then consuming content on YouTube, Instagram & Medium.
  • Sleep
  • Repeat

On an ideal day, I would be able to complete all of these habits. However, since I started using TickTick about 1 month ago, I’ve really only been consistent with exercise, stretching, spanish, dental hygiene and skincare.

I think that if I’m being honest with myself, there are too many habits here for me to consistently do on a daily basis. I need to pick out the essentials and disregard the rest for now.

Assessing where I want to be


  • Fitness: 10 lb weight loss, increased strength, lean physique
  • Diet: eliminate sugar addiction, healthier meals
  • Mind: meditate daily


  • Personal Blog: 1 blog post daily
  • Notion/Digital Systems Blog: 1 post weekly, 1 template weekly
  • Read: daily
  • Journal: create weekly


  • Keep clinical knowledge & practice up to date – study

Assessing the obstacles

Netflix – delete app from phone and iPad; sign out on laptop

YouTube – maximum 30 minutes daily, only consume after creating

Instagram & Twitter – maximum 15 minutes daily, only consume after creating


  1. Implement a daily system that removes most of the friction associated with achieving daily tasks consistently. This is a process that will need to be tweaked and adjusted on a regular basis based on daily experience.
  2. Time-block and plan the week from Sunday. Review and tweak daily.
  3. Aim for seamless morning and evening routines.
  4. Optimize personal productivity system.

Last thoughts

Writing this journal entry has helped me to articulate what I’m experiencing currently and to implement a plan moving forward.

I have time-blocked the day tomorrow and will be working on streamlining my morning and evening routines as the days go by.

Let’s see how I go tomorrow.

On my way to being unstuck,