Quick dashboards in Tana

Learn how to create dashboards quickly in Tana.

Quick dashboards in Tana

When I first got started in Tana, I wasn’t completely sure how to structure the information that I entered onto my daily page in a way that I could easily find again later. In Notion, I would start at the page or database level, adding information on the topic that I wanted to write or compile information on as I go. In Tana, it’s sort of the opposite where you begin at the level of the information, the structure comes after.

For example, I did some studying today on urinary tract infections. I added the supertag #disease and also added supertags for medications (#drug) and symptoms (#symptom) that may have a wider differential diagnosis or those that I just need to review.

Next, I want to create a sort of ‘medicine’ dashboard to view all information with the aforementioned supertags in one place.

Now, I can easily access these related supertags and their information from the sidebar.