Week 38 of 2023

Week 38 of 2023

I’m giving week notes a try. This is something that I’ve seen on other blogs that I follow and I like it as a both a log and an avenue for reflection through writing. Here are my week notes for the week of September 18th – 24th.


  • I closed a Notion Consulting project this week! I’m learning what I enjoy and the parts of working with clients that I want to change in this new field of work. It’s all very exciting and even more surreal to think that on this week 3 years ago, I began working at the hospital. I’ve also been enjoying offering Tana coaching. I like brainstorming a solution to a problem with a client and figuring out how to make the system flow better.  I’m having a lot of fun!

My Digital Ecosystem

  • I’m using Sunsama less and less as I’ve optimized task management in Notion for my workflow. Sunsama is a beautiful application but since I am able to manage work tasks in Notion now, I’m happy to save that $20.00 USD/month.


  • I started tracking my daily protein again, this time in Notion. I find it easier to meet this goal in Notion as opposed to a dedicated food tracking app like Cronometer or My Fitness Pal because I’m able to pay specific attention to protein quantities and I don’t get distracted by everything else. Plus, I’m motivated by seeing my protein ring coming to a close everyday.


  • I watched Noche UFC 277 on Monday and listened to quite a bit of commentary (mostly Chael) throughout the week about Grasso v Shevchenko.
  • I saw two new movies this week: Past Lives and Tár. Past Lives was beautifully directed and the acting was 10/10. This is one of those movies where the subtle non-verbal cues hold great emotional depth. The tension and the longing that develops between the two main characters is so thick and palpable that it really carried the film for me. Tár was…not for me. I could not connect deeply with this one because I don’t have much knowledge or interest at all about music composition and conducting. There was also something very pretentious about the main character’s acting, I can’t tell if this was intentional but again, I could not connect deeply here.
  • The last season of Sex Education is out on Netflix and I can’t wait to watch it!
  • I came across a video on YouTube by a channel called Moon and I find myself continuously coming back to the question “What do I really need to live a fulfilling life?” I’ve been thinking deeply about this question everyday and I’m finally beginning to consolidate my thoughts.  


  • I felt very lonely this week. At the beginning I couldn’t figure out why but I think I’m starting to understand more now. It’s a strange feeling as I’m usually very happy in my own company. As someone who leans greatly towards introversion, too much interaction can drain my energy. I’m not typically aware of the absence of deep connection with others in my life so it’s been jarring that this feeling came on so suddenly. I’m working through this in conjunction with the previous life question to come back to some semblence of balance.


  • Trinidad has been a literal furnace over the past 2-3 weeks. It rained for a bit over the past 2 days which felt like heaven.