Week 52 Photo Snippets (2022)

Week 52 Photo Snippets (2022)

While looking through my camera roll today, I had the idea to share some photos from the previous week (December 19th-25th).


New notebooks [22.12.22]

Why do I love physical notebooks this much? Also, when will I actually fill an entire notebook cover to cover with writing, art or something more worthwhile than blank pages? Nevertheless, I’m excited to try these. They are made in Thailand by the company Zequenz. This purchase was largely influenced by Monica from creationsbymonya. The black is B6 and the red is A6. I want to use one as a commonplace book and another as my 2023 personal journal. I’ve also added these notebooks to my inventory in Tana:

Christmas cards [24.12.22]

I’ve always loved giving and receiving greeting cards. It’s definitely the papercrafter in me but I really enjoyed the simple things this year like making that green envelope and using wax seals for the first time.


Vegie seaweed rice rolls with my new saucers [23.12.12]

To say that I love sushi is a vast understatement. Over the past few months, instead of actually rolling these ingredients into a traditional sushi roll using a mat, I just build the rolls as I eat. I place the seaweed sheet in my hand, add 2-3 forkfulls of rice (which I’ve added sushi vinegar too), then add a few bits of the cucumber, carrot and tomato and roll it up. I then dip the roll into the soy sauce or sweet and sour sauce and enjoy. The broccoli on the right is steamed and tossed with some sesame oil and red chili pepper flakes.

Home-cooked lunch [21.12.22]

It was mind-blowing how delicious this meal tasted. Short grain rice, teriyaki salmon (air fried at 400F for 9-11 minutes), steamed broccoli with onion, sesame oil and red chili pepper flakes, 1 tomato and 1 cucumber.


A cow [20.12.22]

I saw this cow on the way back from the trail, along the Eastern Main Road, in the vicinity of Arouca.

Beautiful plants from Cynthia’s garden [25.12.22]

I wouldn’t really consider these as “wildlife” but it’s close enough. This is a brilliantly vibrant arrangement that my stepmom put together. Plants are beautiful but I do think that unless you have a green thumb (not me), there’s going to be a lot of trial and error (death) until you are able to maintain something like this. I’m glad that the people around me love plants and caring for them, that way I can marvel at their beauty and not be responsible for their demise.


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