Why build and share a digital garden?

It's time to explore digital gardens.

Why build and share a digital garden?

Digital gardening options are becoming more prominent. Maybe that’s because I recently discovered this whole ecosystem but just yesterday (07/11/22), I came across a tool on Twitter that allows you to self-publish your markdown digital garden. That’s pretty cool.

Why build it?

Because it’s fun. If you got here in the first place, these topics interest you in some way. Whether it’s personal knowledge management (PKM), note-taking, personal wikis, taking smart notes – you may have an unhealthy obsession with the whole lot and in that case why wouldn’t you want to share your own interests and body of work? Even if no one sees it, you’ll learn from the process of setting it up and again, it’s fun.

Why share?

We all have private notes. Not everything needs to be shared. The notes that you do share end up being windows into your mind and thinking. Readers of your public notes can learn about your interests and perspective while being able to provide feedback. It’s also a great way to get better at writing. Public notes aren’t pristine articles but they have the potential to be the starting point of an essay or even a book.

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