This page contains links to past and current projects.

Tana Keys

Tana Keys is my first premium course! My aim is to help beginner Tana users to master the tool within 1 day or less.


Digital Tools

I've got a vision for a number of personal and business productivity tools that I want to bring to life in Notion, Tana, Airtable and Google Sheets. Re-working my current portfolio is coming up soon.

[To be revamped]

Renee's Workspace YouTube Channel

I began my YouTube channel after being inspired by a friend to stop procrastinating and start creating. I jumped right in, recording lengthy videos of my digital workspace and diving deeper into the digital tools that I used on a daily basis.



I've always had an affinity and fascination towards cameras and photography. Over the years, this hobby has been pushed to the bottom of my never-ending list of passions but I am determined to make time for it in 2024. I have a Fujifilm XT-4 and I need to teach myself how to use this thing.


Renee's Workspace Newsletter

This Substack newsletter started in December of 2022 as a creative outlet that I badly needed at the time. I used this platform as a space for me to explore the following:

  • Reflections on my journey as I pivot from the medical field to building a solo business in digital operations
  • Digital organization tips and best practices
  • Notion, Tana and other digital tools
  • Personal productivity systems and workflows
  • Managing time and energy as a multi-passionate creator

I ultimately prefer writing and reading on Medium and will continue to do so there.

[To be archived]

Cafe of Musings Bookshop

For a very brief period of time, I started an online local philosophy bookshop. I was, once again, following my creative intuition but realised that I had a lot more fun cataloguing the books in Notion and reading them myself, instead of actually getting them sold.


Renee Brianne Paper Co.

In my teens and early adulthood, I was obsessed with paper-crafting. I spent most of my free time creating and selling handmade greeting cards, notebooks, memopads and other stationery items.